Tropical Medicine and PoC Ultrasound: an integrated approach

Tropical Medicine and PoC Ultrasound: an integrated approach is an online course built on over 30 years of experience with ultrasound in tropical diseases and on 20 years of Short Course on Ultrasound in Tropical Medicine ( that the faculty have organized in Pavia every year since 2003.

Despite being a key element of clinical practice, especially in resource-poor areas, and the increasing amount of research and publications on the subject, ultrasound is still used in a rather patchy way and often thought of exclusively as a radiologist’s tool.

Our decades-long experience shows that ultrasound is often a key element of the clinical management in tropical diseases and is especially useful as the extension of the physical exam.

New applications of US in tropical medicine are constantly being explored and evaluated, beyond the areas where ultrasound has already proved its worth. .

This online course has been designed to be presented in a compact and interactive way using the clinical presentation (together with a brief overview the epidemiology and for parasites, life cycles) of several infectious and Tropical Diseases and the role that PoC ultrasound has in each of them.

The faculty are experts in their respective fields and have often collaborated on joint projects and publications.

The course is open not only to students, nurses, clinicians but also to those working in public health and those caring for migrants.

With over 70 hours of online lectures and clinical cases presentations, the course also has interactive discussions with faculty. Participants will learn about parasitic, bacterial and viral infections in which Point-of-Care ultrasound has a role and Point of care laboratory Diagnostics in Tropical Medicine.


Enrico Brunetti, MD

Calum Macpherson, PhD

Eskild Petersen, MD

Joachim Richter, MD

Tom Heller, MD

Tommaso Manciulli, MD, PhD

Andreas Neumayr, MD

Francesca Tamarozzi, DVM, MD, MSc, PhD

Claudia Wallrauch, MD

Francesco Taccari, MD

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Silvia Bensi